Which Maryland junk removal company is the best?

R&R Clean Up recycles or donates more than 70% of everything it takes, about 10% more than 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and Junk King. With a full range of junk clean up services and availability in Maryland, R&R Clean Up LLC is one of the largest garbage disposal service companies in the state. We think it's also one of the best.

We especially like how convenient the company does garbage disposal for its customers. Once your trash is taken, R&R Clean Up pledges to recycle or donate as much garbage as possible. Donate reusable items to charities like Salvation Army, Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity, and then recycle what you can from what's left. In fact, R&R Clean Up junk removal services rival those of College Hunks, and there is one major area where it outperforms the Hunks.

Junk King has offices in 36 states, so it may not be close for you. Critics have complained that prices rise when technicians arrive on site, but Junk King charges by volume and it is an industry problem. Junkluggers has set itself the ambitious goal of recycling or donating 100% of the garbage it transports by 2025, so if sustainability is important to you, scrap metal dealers could attract you. Reviewers like Junkluggers' responsiveness, and several say they had a crew of carriers out hours after booking them that day.

Junkluggers also offers a guarantee of arriving within a two-hour period, putting them ahead of competitors who often suffer from missed appointments. Scrap chargers can only provide on-site estimates, which could deter some potential customers, and there are some additional fees for specific items. Tipping is usually not expected, but it's not uncommon. It also suggests considering the amount of tip you give bartenders or lawn care professionals when calculating the tip amount, so estimate around 10% to 20%.

With a full range of services and availability in most US states. In the US, 1-800-GOT-JUNK is the largest garbage disposal company in the United States and around the world. Junk King does not recycle materials in any way. Junk King is a garbage disposal company that removes unwanted items from homes, businesses and all work or school environments.

All collected items are discarded at an authorized disposal center. When it comes to the best garbage disposal services, 1-800-Got-Junk should be at the top of any list. When you choose to go with a smaller local garbage removal company, make sure you spend a little time doing some research so you don't end up being unhappy. This means that if you wanted to hire College Hunks for a garbage disposal project but the company isn't available in your area, is it very likely that you have a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise close enough to be a viable plan B.

Many of these charities also collect donations, so you can call them before you do any of your garbage disposal work. When it comes to garbage disposal, The Junkluggers has experience transporting garbage for banks, construction sites and unions. To arrange garbage disposal with College Hunks, book online or by phone in many cases, the company can meet same-day and next-day needs. Junk King's price match policy means that they will match a quote you get from another company, so if you are willing to collect multiple quotes, you can get Junk King's first-class service for a fraction of the price.

Online reviewers have complained about a slower pace of work with projects on the move because they are billed by the hour, but garbage disposal is not billed by the hour. This makes full-service garbage disposal much more convenient, safer and faster than trying to lift a broken sofa into a garbage bin, putting a splintered fence in your yard, or emptying your garage with your own hands. Removing garbage yourself with a rented dumpster can be a little cheaper than hiring a full-service company to take it for you, but not always. Even if you just have a spring cleaning or are preparing for a renovation, a professional garbage disposal company can be easier than renting a dumpster.

If you're ready to vacate your home or office, you can schedule a free junk clean up quote with the online booking tool.